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Welcome to GreenFay, the heart and soul of potato farming in the vibrant state of Gujarat, India. Our journey is a tale of dedication, tradition, and innovation, spanning nearly three decades.

Helping People to live
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The Start of Something Great
GreenFay Private Limited has had a remarkable journey that spans nearly three decades, guided by visionary leaders and a commitment to excellence. It all began in 1994, when the late Devchandji Kachchhava ventured into farming and local potato trading.
A New Leader Takes Charge
The company underwent a transformative shift when Mr. Fulchand Kachchhava, the son of Devchandji Kachchhava, assumed leadership. Under his guidance, GreenFay began its expansion and journey towards becoming a prominent name in the industry.
Keeping Potatoes Fresh and Safe
We achieved a significant milestone with the establishment of our first cold storage facility in Deesa. Fulchand Kachchhava, alongside his brothers Suresh Kachchhava and Jagdish Kachchhava, set the stage for our enduring commitment to preserving the freshness and quality of our produce.
Potatoes That Last Until December

We introduced a groundbreaking technique that extended the shelf life of our potatoes well into November and December, ensuring that our customers enjoy the finest quality potatoes year-round.

The Birth of GreenFay

We took another significant step by officially registering our company as GreenFay, solidifying our brand identity and commitment to quality.

GreenFay's Exciting Food Processing Venture

Further expanding our horizons, in 2012, we began investing and staking in a food processing company. Our strategic partnerships and investments led us to a significant milestone: in April 2024, we're excited to unveil our very own food processing plant.

potato Flakes

In 1994, GreenFay was founded with a vision to not only grow exceptional potatoes but also foster a deep sense of.