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Transforming Potato Farming Through

Hybrid Seeds

Premium Potato Plasma for Innovation

Discover Greenfay's innovative hybrid seed production technique, utilizing cutting-edge methods to revolutionize potato farming. We import superior potato plasma from foreign sources, delivering it to state-of-the-art labs for meticulous multiplication and minituber generation at the G0 stage. Our commitment to excellence begins here, setting the stage for high-quality potatoes in North India.

Empowering Farmers with G3 Seeds

At Greenfay, we take pride in our role as catalysts for agricultural success. After rigorous testing and refinement in our labs, the resulting G3 minitubers are transported to North India, where they are distributed to local farmers. These G3 seeds, cultivated with care and precision, serve as the foundation for bountiful potato crops, consistently delivering exceptional quality.

Unwavering Support and Expertise

Our relationship with farmers doesn't end with seed distribution. Greenfay's dedicated team maintains continuous engagement with farmers, providing guidance, advice, and support throughout the farming journey. We collaborate with farmers to optimize results and explore variations, ensuring that every harvest yields the finest, most sought-after potatoes in the market.